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12 September 2007 @ 02:19 am

Indies-Disbanded (2000-2002)


Vocal : Tatsuya (gone 2001)
Guitar :Ken (gone 2001)
Vocal : Asagi
Guitar : Sin
Guitar : Ruiza
Bass: Kisaki
Drums: Shion

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The band of Visual style Kei Classic (Kote-Kote Kei) formed in Osaka 16 a January of 2000 Liderado by KISAKI
a legend of the Kei Line of vision indies, before was and was to lider of La:Sadiés along with Kyo..que time
despues the band would be called Dir in Congregation, already without KISAKI leaves the band by differences
 in ubicación/zona where the band situe. Despues of it I form MIRAGE and the seal MATINA, producer of bands indies,
 to apartir of this KISAKI obtained fame, and I stop being a simple personage. The first formation of the group
 consisted of Tatsuya (vocalista), Ruiza (guitarist), Ken (guitarist), Kisaki (bearish) and Shion (drummer,
later changed his name to Takuma). Its first launching was single "Usago nonHitsuji", was sent the 1 of distributed
 March and gratuitously. They had his first concert just a short time later, the 11 of March, in the Shibuya On Air West
and the 15 of March sent their first one demo-covers "SEXUAL" call. 18 and 20 of March of year 2000 had two concerts
 one-man, and the 3 of May had his first appearance in television. The 14 of June had their first one one-man real,
 during that they distributed gratuitously demo-covers "SEXUAL Destruction of". First maxi-single of Syndrome was
sent the 17 of Julio of 2000. The 10 of December participated in the Spark event up in hide Museum. Other groups
 that participated in this event were Psycho him Cému, Mystic Moon and RESEARCH They sent his first mini-album
in November, and llamao "Fiction". This launching was followed by the one of its second mini-album, "Sosei",
 the 20 of December, this mini-album was limited 5000 copies, but it was sold very fast. The siguioente year began
 for Syndrome with a concert one-man in Shibuya On Air West. Soon they relaunched its first single "Usagi no Hitsuji"
as maxi-single and were distributed again gratuitously. The 25 of April of 2001 sent to their first called VHS "Thread
 of Promise" Unfortunately, Tatsuya and Ken anuciaron their retirement of the band during FINAL TOUR ONE MAN LIVE
 "LAST MEMORY OF NOSTALGIA" AT SHIBUYA AIR WEST the 29 of April of the 2001... decided to remain by a little
 more time... The 10 of June, they distributed his I complete CD "if relfect yourself", that also that day distributed
 gratuitously to a VHS VIDEO in Osakás LIVE. Finally his I complete concert oneman would be called "CONPLETION
 XXX FIRST EPISODE" in OSAKA BANANA HALL the 10 of June of 2001. Quickly a new vocalista Asagi (ex--Je*Reviens)
and the guitarist Without (ex--Vasalla) entrarian in the band in June of 2001. His I complete concert with the second
formation would occur in SHIBUYA AIR WEST 7 of September of 2002, to the ibual that seal MATINA would close its
doors that same date, acausa of the change that surgío with the Kei Line of vision during year 2002, the exito of the
 Oshare Kei and the Eroguro Kei/y new tendencies (Visual Neon Kei) would move to the Kote-Kote Kei (but known as
 Visual Kei Classic) of the first place... time despues this style would resurge of a way different "New at the moment
single School" in any case a 10% from the 100 are VKC at the moment.

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